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Welcome to Sausalito & Marin’s Artists Open Studios! This is a cozy and welcoming home to eclectic artworks. We provide a space for artists of all mediums to come together and create, share, and sell their work. These people are passionate about their art, and we’re committed to offering them the best possible experience.

What is the best way for an artist or gallery to be seen?

The exhibit will allow your artwork to reach more people than if you were just selling prints one-on-one would without this medium. Galleries often use online sites such as Instagram galleries where visitors may enjoy looking at images while browsing other artists’ works too. Finally, there must always remain some form…

We have over 100 artists who work with us and are always looking for new talent to join them!

What are we doing?

Sausalito & Marin’s Artists Open Studios is always looking for ways to improve the local arts community. This is why we’ve created a new type of network that can help artists get discovered. This community-driven art project is giving a platform for local artists, communities, and events to be seen on the web.

We provide workshops, networking opportunities for artists to connect with collectors and buyers, an online gallery of artwork available through our website as well. Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to great art from all over the world — not just paintings or sculptures but also Judaica pieces made by people from these areas too!

Why should you choose us?

First of all, our exhibit has a wide range of topics. The following categories are included:

●     Abstract;

●     Abstract Figure Figurative;

●     Abstract Landscapes;

●     Commercial Photography;

●     Copper Art;

●     Fantasy;

●     Figure Figurative;

●     Hand Crafted (Jewellery);

●     Landscapes;

●     Plein Air Landscapes;

●     Stained and Fused Glass;

●     Sculptures (Fine Bronze & Ceramics);

●     Still Life;

●     Urban Landscapes and Cityscapes, etc.


Sausalito & Marin’s Artists Open Studios offers a variety of services for artists that exhibit with us. Here are just a few of them:

●     a listing on our website;

●     free social media promotion leading up to the event;

●     assistance in framing and matting your work (if needed);

●     shipping and delivery coordination for artwork to/from the location;

●     exposure to new customers and collectors;

●     increased visibility for your work;

●     networking opportunities with other artists.

Are you still in doubt?

You can’t miss Sausalito’s Artists Open Studios. More than 80 artists participate, and it’s worth visiting one of these events for the unique experiences that you’ll find there!

The town itself has been known as ‘the city of bridges’ because all seven bridges spanning over harbors or narrow channels lead into San Francisco Bay Area. It makes this area rich with culture from both sides — land & water alike (you might even spot some whales). As if your destination wasn’t already predetermined before coming here… Make sure not to forget about sampling delicious locally sourced food at various restaurants throughout town while exploring what makes ‘Marin County’ so special.

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