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Sausalito Artists Open Studio - Marcus Uzilevsky
Linear Landscape - Affiche - Mixed Media Artist

"The linear landscapes of artist Marcus Uzilevsky are among his best known works. Studies of line and structure, these images based on the Marin County landscape and coastline are permeated with a mood of serenity.

Working in a variety of styles, Uzilevsky's more recent painting further expresses the artist's innate optimism through the fluid quality of calligraphic line, spontaneous gesture and textural quality exposed in the image, as well as an overlapping yet clear pattern of color.

Born to Russian and Polish immigrant parents, Uzilevsky displayed an early aptitude for drawing and, consequently, trained to become an illustrator. Finding his career as a commercial artist dissatisfying, Uzilevsky became a self-taught guitarist, performing with Bob Dylan and the New Christy Minstrels in the 1960s under the pseudonym of Rusty Evans.

The fulfillment and freedom he experienced with his music led to the re-discovery of his visual art, further enhanced by his move from New York City to California in the late 60s and the initiation of a period of spiritual examination. Resuming use of his real name, Uzilevsky continued to compose music and engaged his energies fully in drawing, painting and printmaking.

"I want the art and music I make to enhance each other, so the total environment will have an uplifting effect."" The recipient of many awards and commissions over the years, Uzilevsky's work is included in several museums and prominent private and corporate collections nationwide.




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