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- Listing of Sausalito Open Studio Artists
Aaronsouth, Mari - Figure Figurative Abstract Fantasy
Adessa, Chris - Plein Air Landscapes
Averell, Sue - Urban Landscapes and Cityscapes
Bertola, Deborah - Plein Air Landscapes, Still Life
Butler, Ingrid - Fantasy,Master marbler,Paper designer,Painter & collage
Carlson, Kay - Plein Air Landscapes
Cohen, Claudia - Fine Bronze Ceramic Sculptures
De Rivera, Ann Marie - Abstract, Still Life, Portraits
Dodd, Ellen Levine - Abstract Landscapes - Plein Air Landscapes
Draper, Dana - Copper Art, Figure Figurative, Long Short Scrolls
Gentile, Elaine - Plein Air Landscapes, Abstracts, Still Life
Huber, Brian - Abstractions
Johnson, Gloria - Stained & Fused Glass - Paintings - Jewelry
Kolb, Craig - Photography Commercial Photographer
Morioka, Aiko - Fine Figurative Modern Bronze Ceramic Sculptures
Ting, Mimi Chen - Abstracts


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