Sausalito's Artists Open Studios

Mari Aaronsouth Sausalito Abstract Figurative Artist

Mari Aaronsouth is an award winning artist represented in over 80 private collections in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

She has been featured in over 45 galleries and shows throughout California.

The beautifully flowing motion and electric colors in her abstract figurative work capture the attention of the viewer.

Artist's Statement

A San Francisco native, I have always been surrounded by incredible natural beauty and have had an ongoing interest in storytelling, mythology and archetypes. I enjoy painting the landscape and the human form. I begin my artwork in abstraction, very spontaneously, letting layers of color and line build up.

Often my art becomes a dreamscape with elements of both that come together, catching a moment in a story, such as a journey, discovery, communion with nature, ecstatic states, or prayer. Lines and colors connect the forms depicting the connectedness between all things. I love brilliant color and use layers of gels, washes and pastels to create texture and line.

In addition, she welcomes visitors to her Sausalito studio through out the year by appointment. Twice a year the Artists Open Studios in the ICB Building are open to the public during the Marin Council Spring Art Fair, and the ICB Building Winter Open Studios. The dates are available on both this site and my web site.


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